Air-cond Servicing & Repair, unit running safely, and avoiding cost, that case, the - Rawang, Malaysia


Air-cond Servicing & Repair, unit running safely, and avoiding cost, that case, the

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How Often Should We Service Our Air Conditioner?Air Conditioners are a very sturdy piece of machinery. It is manufactured in a way to withstand all the weather conditions throughout the year to keep running continuously. This tends to make the owners believe that it won\'t need servicing once installed. The truth is only a regular servicing of air-cond would maintain the optimum utilization of the unit.Why Air-cond Servicing Necessary?An air conditioner loses about 5% of its efficiency every year of its operation. With regular servicing, the efficiency can be maintained up to 95% of its original efficiency. A higher efficiency means better cooling, lower electricity bills, and avoiding cost of future repair. Air conditioner units that are not maintained regularly use more electricity for its operations leading to higher power bills when compared to ones that are regularly maintained. Also, an air-cond unit not serviced on a regular basis will not be able to cool effectively. In that case, the quality of air maintained in the room will be questionable.Generally, the servicing of air-cond depends on how it is being used and the environment it is being used in. Ideally once a year servicing is sufficient for the latest built air-cond units. However, in malaysia, which has been hot weather, the air conditioners turned-on all round the year.It makes the cooling very unwanted and can be dangerous for people, affecting their health.To avoid major repairs and have your air-cond unit running safely, it is highly essential you should make a contract with an air-cond servicing company that would handle the year round maintenance. Besides other things, the servicing should include checking of the coolant level. The level of coolant is a major factor contributing to the efficiency of the air-cond operation.You can take your own steps to ensure effective running of your cooling system. Get good quality air filters and change them on a regular basis as suggested by the manufacturer. Clean the air vents regularly. Keep the temperature of the air conditioner to its most efficient. Normally, the air-cond performs at its maximum efficiency at the temperature 23 degree Celsius.For the more information please call us 03-6093 5090/ 011-225 7553/016-311 8724.Or Visit our website : www.coolneasy.cim.myTHANK YOU.

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Air cond Servicing Repair unit running safely and avoiding cost that case the
Air-cond Servicing & Repair, unit running safely, and avoiding cost, that case, the

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